Creating a healthier campus culture

Williams students, faculty and staff, I’m hearing from people throughout our community, representing a wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints, who are upset by some breakdowns in campus relations. Their perspectives are diverse: some are concerned about racism, others about a culture of open antagonism, and many about both of… Continue reading »

Summary of the April 2019 Board of Trustees meeting

Dear faculty, staff and students, As many of you know, last week the Board of Trustees held their April 2019 meeting. Following is a summary of topics and votes from April’s plenary sessions. You can always find archived reports in the News from the Board section of … Continue reading »

Strategic Planning update: February 2019

To the Williams community, I’m pleased to share the first in a series of routine monthly updates on strategic planning. Last month the Coordinating Committee began the intensive work of articulating a process for this effort. It includes defining working groups for our eight areas of focus (see details below)… Continue reading »

Message from the President

Williams faculty, students, and staff, Last week I sent an email sharing that some materials from the memorial in the first floor hallway of Hollander Hall had been moved by a faculty member. I explained that we were gathering information, and I now want to share what I’ve learned. I… Continue reading »

Claiming Williams 2019: What Does It Mean to Claim Williams?

Welcome. I’m honored to host my first Claiming Williams. This day is an important point in the year, thanks to the breadth of programming and community impact. The nature of the event was shaped by the day’s origins in student and community action, after some disruptive and upsetting bias incidents… Continue reading »

Welcome to spring semester

Williams students, faculty and staff, Spring is here! Well, spring semester anyway, although you wouldn’t know it by the weather. Ever the optimist, though, I feel like I can see the (day)light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve been away, welcome back. If you stayed here,… Continue reading »

Williams comments on proposed changes to Title IX

January 30, 2019 Via Federal eRulemaking Portal The Honorable Betsy DeVos Secretary of Education ℅ Brittany Bull United States Department of Education U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Ave. SW, Room 6E310 Washington, DC 20202 Docket ID ED-2018-OCR-0064 Re: Williams College’s Comments on Proposed… Continue reading »

Summary of the January 2019 Board of Trustees meeting

Dear faculty, staff and students, Last week was the January meeting of the Board of Trustees. The board covered topics that it reviews on an annual basis, like the comprehensive fee and a risk management update, as well as current issues of special interest. First, I’m pleased to announce that… Continue reading »

Update: Ad hoc committee on speakers, inquiry and inclusion

Williams faculty, staff and students, As I noted in an all-campus message before break, “Williams, like campuses across the United States, has engaged in debate about how to bolster its commitment to free expression while maintaining its responsibility to ensure an inclusive environment for all community members.” In that same message… Continue reading »