Summer Exploration Initiative

Dear Williams community,

I’m writing to share the exciting news that starting this summer Williams will entirely eliminate the summer earnings requirement for all students receiving financial aid. I am thrilled about this change, which we’re referring to as the Summer Exploration Initiative. I consider a Williams education to be a 12-month experience, with summers offering prime opportunities to learn, grow and explore career options to the fullest. The Summer Exploration Initiative will provide students the chance to spend summers doing research, engaging in internships, serving their communities and exploring pathways they otherwise might not.

It also means that families receiving financial aid will contribute, on average, $6,000 less toward the total cost of attendance over the course of a student’s Williams career. This is part of a larger commitment to what the college is calling “True Affordability” as outlined in the Strategic Plan, and builds on other trailblazing financial aid initiatives like the Williams Book Grant and Williams Health Insurance Grant that aim to ensure that all students can experience the totality of a Williams education.

Students need not take any action to benefit from the Summer Exploration Initiative. It will be automatically reflected in their financial aid award as an increase to their Williams grant for the 2022-23 academic year.

I am grateful to the staff in Student Financial Services who have advocated for this change and to the Board of Trustees for their support of such an important initiative for Williams.

Warm regards,