Writings and Remarks

Senior Administrative Appointments

I’m happy now to report that, after talking with a number of extraordinary candidates, I’ve asked Peter Murphy, Professor and Chair of English, to serve as Dean of the Faculty and Will Dudley, Professor of Philosophy, to serve as Provost. Continue reading »

Campus Winter Shutdown

This year’s shutdown will begin at the end of the day on Dec. 23 and end in time to warm student residences for Jan. 1 and work areas for Jan. 3. Staff will again receive four extra days of paid holiday. Continue reading »

Alignment of Senior Administration

A hallmark of Williams is the strength of its system of faculty governance. Many dedicated faculty, past and present, have done great work in the roles of Dean of the Faculty, Provost, and Dean of the College. Continue reading »

Reorganization Process

The College has been engaged in finding opportunities to support our core academic mission in ways that are more efficient and effective. At mid-summer there has certainly been progress. Continue reading »