Writings and Remarks

The Essential Human Input

From the Spring 2013 Williams Magazine Animating the past is important, especially with a history as rich as Williams’ and particularly when passing major milestones. As readers of the magazine know, the college is experiencing the 50th anniversary of a decade of extraordinary change that,… Continue reading »

Catching Up at the Beginning of the Semester

To the Williams Community, In thinking about this spring semester, there’s no better place to start than Claiming Williams. What a marvelous event—people from across campus engaged together with topics of such importance to us all and to the college. Every event I attended or heard about was either full… Continue reading »

Starting the Weston Field Project

To the Williams Community, I write with the great news that the Weston Field renovation project is now going ahead. Those of you who were at Williams in 2008 recall that one of the first steps the college took in response to the global financial crisis was to suspend two… Continue reading »

What Goes Around Comes Around

To the Williams Community, In this case, what’s coming around again is the wonderful cycle of the academic year. Welcome to those of you who are joining our campus for the first time, and welcome back to all the rest of you. This semester, even more than usual, will be… Continue reading »

Learning: 2,500 Miles From Home

From the July 2012 Alumni Review We’ve probably all experienced how leaving home can help us to see it more clearly. That’s what happened when my travel schedule enabled me to join part of a spring break service trip, one of several around the country… Continue reading »