Writings and Remarks

Teaching and Scholarship

From the September 2011 Alumni Review A highlight of my week in the summer involves each Tuesday at noon heading over to the Science Quad. There a couple hundred students and faculty partake of that well-known stimulant to intellectual thought—pizza—before piling into Wege… Continue reading »

The Community We Aspire To Be

From the June 2011 Alumni Review People who haven’t seen the college for a while are often pleasantly surprised by how different the campus looks. I don’t mean the buildings, but the people. Our growing racial and ethnic diversity is clearly evident to… Continue reading »

As the year comes to a close

Near the end of my first full academic year here at the college, I am ever more grateful for the warm welcome extended to my family and me and for what I believe all of us together are poised to accomplish for Williams. Continue reading »

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Faculty and staff in Arts and Sciences have great respect for Fred as a skilled administrator who’s worked closely with faculty and staff in marshalling financial resources in support of the school’s educational mission and in making clear for decision makers the tradeoffs involved in the choices they face. Continue reading »

Making progress. . .despite

Events over the past week have shown how wonderfully vibrant our queer community is, how much closer we’re getting to the inevitable day when all of its members feel deeply welcomed and completely safe here at Williams, and, alas, how we are not completely there yet. Continue reading »

Making the Most of the Fiscal Crisis

From the March 2011 Alumni Review I came to Williams as it was exiting the global economic crisis as from a cold shower, with energy high and senses fully alert. And while few would long to repeat the experience, it’s now clear to… Continue reading »

Senior Administrative Appointments

I’m happy now to report that, after talking with a number of extraordinary candidates, I’ve asked Peter Murphy, Professor and Chair of English, to serve as Dean of the Faculty and Will Dudley, Professor of Philosophy, to serve as Provost. Continue reading »