Writings and Remarks

Bias incident followup—Soldiers’ Monument

Dear Williams community, Earlier this month I reported that the Soldiers’ Monument outside of Griffin Hall had been defaced with graffiti. Today I write to share news about the outcome of our investigation. Thanks to information shared once the incident was reported, CSS was able to identify a suspect,… Continue reading »

Voter information resources: Do your part

Williams students, staff and faculty, With midterm elections fast approaching, I write to encourage each of you to exercise your right to vote and take part in the political process. The best aspects of our democracy depend on an engaged electorate, in which each of us educates ourselves about issues,… Continue reading »

Annual Update on Environmental Initiatives

Dear Williams students, faculty, and staff, Our ongoing efforts to more fully realize the college’s environmental commitments moved forward this past year on myriad fronts.  Many of us have learned more about climate action, expanded knowledge about environmental issues, and advanced sustainability practices at the college and beyond.  This work… Continue reading »

Bias incident: Graffiti on Soldiers Monument

Williams students, faculty and staff, On Sunday morning, a Campus Safety officer, responding to a call from a local resident, found that the pedestal of the Soldiers Monument in front of Griffin Hall had been defaced with graffiti of a Confederate flag and the word “Rebel,” each about… Continue reading »

Air Travel Greenhouse Gas Emissions Information & Reduction Program

Dear Williams faculty and staff, Over the past couple of years, many faculty, staff, and students have expressed deep interest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from college-sponsored air travel.  Such travel accounted for roughly a fifth of the college’s total greenhouse gas emissions in the years immediately preceding the pandemic, making it our second largest source of emissions,… Continue reading »

Welcome to the start of Fall 2022

Williams students, faculty and staff, I’m pleased to welcome you all to Williams for the new semester. It’s exciting to feel the energy of this particular moment in the year, as our community returns and is renewed. In that spirit I offer a special greeting to… Continue reading »