Writings and Remarks

Announcing our next dean of faculty

To the Williams community, I am pleased to report that I have offered the position of Dean of the Faculty to Lara Shore-Sheppard, Kimberly A. ’96 and Robert R. ’62 Henry Professor of Economics, and she has accepted. Lara will assume the deanship on July 1. Lara, who joined Williams… Continue reading »

Towne Field House Closing

Williams students, faculty and staff, I let you know earlier this week that the Field House was temporarily closed for maintenance. Today I write to inform you that the building will unfortunately have to remain closed for the rest of this term and likely longer, so that we can fix newly-identified… Continue reading »

Welcome to the Spring 2023 Semester!

Williams students, staff and faculty, Welcome to the first day of Spring 2023. I’m excited for the Williams community to embark on a new cycle of learning. It was wonderful to see winter study back in action: Students dug into topics ranging from impact… Continue reading »

The retirement of CIO Collette Chilton

To the Williams community, I write to announce that Chief Investment Officer Collette Chilton will retire from Williams at the end of calendar year 2023. Everyone who has been at Williams over the last sixteen years has benefited from Collette’s work, but relatively few know to whom credit is due. Continue reading »

Gaudino Scholar Appointment

To the Williams Community, I am pleased to report that Amy Holzapfel, Professor of Theater, has agreed to serve as the college’s next Gaudino Scholar. Her three-year appointment to this post will begin July 1, 2023. Amy will be the 18th faculty member to hold this title. The position… Continue reading »