Voter information resources: Do your part

Williams students, staff and faculty,

With midterm elections fast approaching, I write to encourage each of you to exercise your right to vote and take part in the political process.

The best aspects of our democracy depend on an engaged electorate, in which each of us educates ourselves about issues, policies and candidates and then expresses our views through the ballot. Please take a moment this fall to register and vote if you are eligible. The Massachusetts Secretary of State has a voters’ guide that state residents may find helpful. Comparable resources are available for residents of New York, Vermont, Connecticut and other states—check the website of your state’s secretary of state or board of elections for information.

Students, here on campus the EphVotes student organization is a nonpartisan effort that can help you register, apply for an absentee ballot and educate you about your rights as a voter. Their services are available to all, regardless of the state in which you reside and vote.

EphVotes members will table in front of Paresky from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday of this week and next, offering personalized support (including forms, stamps, and notary help). Please take advantage of this wonderful service to help you do your part.

Sadly, we are seeing a proliferation of efforts nationwide to undermine the integrity of the voting process and to disenfranchise or deter voters. It is up to each of us, no matter our party affiliation or policy views, to exercise our right to vote and provide a full-throated defense of that same right for all.

Whatever you do, thank you for participating and supporting a vital and inclusive democracy. Now get out there and vote!