Thank You and Looking Ahead

To the Williams Community,

In the wake of such a powerfully moving day for me personally and for the college, I want to express appreciation to all involved.

Thank you if you helped push for the cancelation of classes and practices so that we could take a moment to reflect together.

Thank you for the courage it took for so many of you to stand before a crowd of people and tell your heartfelt, often painful, story, and for all who made the commitment to march, to attend, and to listen.

Thank you to the many staff and faculty who helped support students and each other at this challenging moment and who, often behind the scenes, made the logistics work.

And thank you for the energy to continue these conversations, to generate ideas, and to take action toward making this a campus on which such painful stories are a thing of the past. The main lesson of recent days is not just the importance but the urgency of that work.

We will continue the effort to find and hold accountable the perpetrator(s) of last weekend’s crime. And, as was said by so many yesterday so eloquently, all of us who care about this college must strive to hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our community.

With a heart full of gratitude, I look forward to doing this work with you.

Warm regards,
Adam Falk