Strategic planning update

To the Williams community,

In the last several months we’ve held faculty, staff and student forums to discuss strategic planning at Williams. Now I’d like to provide information about the project for the campus community.

The most important news is that a Coordinating Committee has been formed to guide the work. This committee will articulate a vision and goals, organize and develop charges for sub-committees working on each area of focus, create opportunities for input and knit all the aspects of the planning process into a unified, final plan.

The Committee, which I’ll chair, includes faculty, staff and students. I want to thank faculty leaders, the Staff Committee and College Council for collecting nominations. And I’m grateful to the members themselves for committing to the effort. You can talk to any of us about the process at any time.

Denise Buell, Dean of the Faculty and Cluett Professor of Religion
Matt Carter, Assistant Professor of Biology
Keli Gail, Assistant to the President and Secretary of the College
David Gürçay-Morris, Associate Professor of Theatre
Dawn Jamros, Administrative Assistant, Department of Biology
David Bartels, Security Patrols Supervisor, Campus Safety and Security
Dukes Love, Provost and Professor of Economics
Protik Majumder, Barclay Jermain Professor of Natural Philosophy and Director of the Science Center
Maud S. Mandel, President, Professor of History, Program in Jewish Studies (chair)
Rhon Manigault-Bryant, Associate Professor of Africana Studies
Essence Perry ’22, undergraduate student
Marlene Sandstrom, Dean of the College and Hales Professor of Psychology
Grant Swonk ’21, undergraduate student
Amanda Wilcox, Associate Professor of Classics

As the Coordinating Committee gets into place in early 2019 we’ll launch a website with project information and a feedback form. We’ll also share news via Daily Messages. I look forward to working with you all on this project.

Maud S. Mandel
Professor of History; Program in Jewish Studies