Staff Early Retirement Program

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The Early Retirement Program gives the College reason to hold a second Staff Appreciation Day this year.

Our staff colleagues who have chosen to take part in the ERP are listed below. I hope you all will join in expressing thanks to them for their many years of service to Williams. In my few months here, I can already tell how important they have been to the College’s work.

I look forward to being able to express my own admiration to them directly at their retirement dinner June 8 at Mt. Hope.

Best wishes,
Adam Falk

Bob Allard, Dining Services
Bryce Babcock, Science Center
Bill Beattie, Facilities
Ann Beauchamp, Career Counseling
Ernie Bombardier, Facilities
Cathy Boody, Facilities
Donna Chenail, Faculty Secretarial Office
Judy Clark, Dining Services
Mike Cutler, Dining Services
Rich Davis, Human Resources
Renee DeCandia, Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Madeleine DeMarsico, Information Technology
Bob DiSanti, Dining Services
Janice Evans, Human Resources
Ruth Fortin, Dining Services
Ginny Gaskill, Office of the Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development
Jim George, Facilities
Jim Gregory, Facilities
Esther Herrick, President’s House
Bob Jarvis, Facilities
Dennis LaBonte, Dining Services
Rosemary Lane, Oakley Center
Fran Lippmann, Health Services
Carol Luscier, Dining Services
Khaled Maher, Facilities
John Markunas, Information Technology
Dick Martin, Facilities
Chris Mason, Facilities
Larry Mattison, Science Center
Dick McMahon, Facilities
Rosemary Moore, Human Resources
Donna Oranellas, Facilities
Emile Ouellette, Science Center
Bob Ouellette, Information Technology
Gary Phillips, Dining Services
Michael Pinsonneault, Health Services
Jo Procter, Public Affairs
Barbara Swanson, Astronomy Dept.
Jean Thorndike, Campus Safety and Security
Judy Uryniak, Biology Dept.
John VanHorn, Dining Services
Jean Vankin, Libraries
Jean Walden, Facilities
Paula Wells, Theatre Dept.
Cindy Wilson, Human Resources
Paul Yarter, Campus Safety and Security
Sandy Zepka, Center for Environmental Studies