Sharing good news about international students

Williams students, faculty and staff,

I’m writing to share this afternoon’s happy news that the government is rescinding its July 6 directive and July 7 FAQs on international students, and returning to its March 2020 guidance. This means international students will be able to study in the U.S. even if they’re taking all of their courses remotely.

As you know, Williams had joined a friend of the court brief supporting a lawsuit that sought to block the July guidance. Today’s news is a wonderful victory for the rights of students, and for higher education as well, including Williams.

I’m especially happy for our international students and families who would have been affected by the unjust and unreasonable policy. On behalf of all of us at Williams: we look forward to welcoming you back in person if you choose to come, and to supporting you if you choose to study remotely. Either way, we’re glad you’re part of our community.