Reorganization Process

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As you know, the College has been engaged since the spring in finding opportunities to support our core academic mission in ways that are more efficient and effective. There will be more to report at the beginning of the academic year, but I thought you’d be interested to know that at mid-summer there has certainly been progress.

For example, by closely scrutinizing current methods and thinking creatively about the future, Dining Services is well on its way to being prepared for its reconfigured program. Similar progress has been made by Facilities and in administrative support for academic offices, and discussions are advancing in the areas of college communications and of Web support for departments and offices.

Some of this progress involves staff members altering their work schedules, or moving geographically or organizationally or both, and I’m grateful for the flexibility people have shown. All of us, along with students, are the beneficiaries.

I’m also pleased that staff at all levels have been involved in these discussions

I understand that this is an unsettling process, especially as people have in many cases served in one role at the College for many years. However, this significant early progress gives us confidence that, if we continue with this ongoing procedure of scrutiny and new thinking, we should be able to reach our goal of adjusting College operations to the new fiscal realities with only voluntary reductions in staff levels.

Our thanks go to all who’ve been pitching in. And while I know that for some of you summer is the busiest time of year, I hope that in general you all are able to find ways to alter rhythms and rejuvenate yourselves during this season.

Best wishes,
Adam Falk