Regarding the racist murders in Buffalo

Dear Williams community,

In the wake of the horrific shooting in Buffalo, I write to add my voice to those raised in anger over anti-Black racism in this country. Once again, someone espousing theories of white supremacy has murdered and injured Black Americans. Violent attacks have also risen substantially against Latinx, Jewish, Asian, Asian-American, Native American and Indigenous people, LGBTQ+ people and other groups. As the leader of this educational institution and a member of our community, I call on all of us to fight this intensifying racial injustice.

The commitment must begin at home. At Williams, faculty, staff, students and alumni of color have shared experiences of being targeted and marginalized on and near our campus. In the face of such challenges, we must double down on our collective efforts to ensure that everyone who lives and works here feels protected and at home. 

Williams has initiated a number of racial justice projects in the last few years. We will continue to lean into that work, and identify additional opportunities for meaningful change. Such change is the product of daily efforts by countless individuals: a shared project for which we are all collectively responsible. 

We mourn the dead and wounded and Buffalo, and deplore the harm to their communities. As we do so, please also join me in reaffirming our commitment to helping raise the world out of this darkness, toward a better and brighter future.