Further Graffiti on Haystack Monument

To the Williams community,

The Haystack Monument was defaced again late Friday night, in a way very similar to the first incident. This time the slogans were “Hell is hot,” “Shame on you,” and “Ouch” as well as an obscenity. 

I have asked Campus Safety Services (CSS) to increase our patrols of the area, effective immediately. The CSS team has also notified the Williamstown Police of the latest incident, and will follow any leads we obtain. If found, the people responsible will be held to account. If you have information that might be relevant, please contact CSS at 413-597-4444. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Given that the Monument memorializes the Christian missionary movement, some people may experience these incidents as attacks on your religion or you personally. You belong here, and I will work for your and everyone’s right to a safe community. If you’re concerned about these incidents, our colleagues in the Chaplains’ Office and the Davis Center are available to provide support, as are the teams in the Dean of the College’s office and Integrative Wellbeing Services.