Caring for Ourselves and Each Other

Dear Students,

We are reaching out with some thoughts about how our community is moving forward following last week’s tragedy.

Reactions after loss vary. Crises of many kinds can disrupt one’s sense of predictability, security and safety. Restoring these feelings is important and happens in different ways for different people. Public health research and guidance from our partners in the JED Campus program both suggest that, for many, resuming familiar routines provides needed stability, whereas others may need more time. Some people will benefit primarily from group gatherings, others from more individual support. We all benefit from a community of care.

Because grief is a natural part of life, it does not necessarily require a clinical intervention such as counseling. However, many find it helpful to have support and guidance following unexpected loss. These forms of help may be particularly valuable if sleep is disrupted, if one is struggling with reactions that are confusing or difficult to manage, or is unsure about how and when to resume typical activities. Counseling and related services may also be helpful to those providing direct support to others. Integrative Wellbeing Services (IWS) and Talkspace are available to offer counseling or review options if you would find this helpful.

Within our community, we know some students may need more time to resume usual activities and expectations. If this is the case for you, it is better to take a break and get needed support than to push through. The decision may feel unfamiliar and come with fears about the costs, including the risk of falling behind academically. Faculty members, deans and other staff are here for you. If you find yourself needing additional support or time, reach out to them. IWS, the Office of Accessible Education, the Davis Center and our chaplains routinely partner with deans when students need short-term changes in the academic environment to support their wellbeing.

We have been working collaboratively with the Deans of Students and Faculty, OIDEI and JAs to respond as we begin this new week. We know that this experience has been challenging, and we hope you are each taking care of yourselves in the ways that work best for you.


Maud S. Mandel, President
Wendy Adam, Director of Integrative Wellbeing Services