Williams-Exeter Programme Appointment

To the Williams Community,

I write with the news that the position of director of the Williams-Exeter Programme at the University of Oxford will be shared by Marlene Sandstrom, professor of psychology, and Noah Sandstrom, associate professor of psychology, for two years beginning July 1, 2014.

In addition to their backgrounds in teaching and research, Marlene and Noah will bring to this work their extensive experience in student affairs, including hers as chair of the Committee on Academic Standing, the Honor and Discipline Committee, and the Committee on Undergraduate Life, and his as chair of the Neuroscience Program and Athletics Committee.

As directors, they’ll be the primary academic and personal advisors for the 26 juniors in the program each year. They’ll each hold the title of tutor for visiting students at Exeter College and will work with Exeter fellows and other Oxford instructors to arrange our students’ tutorials. They’ll live with their family in the director’s residence, which is adjacent to Ephraim Williams House, where the students live.

They will succeed Katie Kent, professor of English, who has served in this role since July 2012. Thanks from all of us go to Marlene, Noah, and Katie for their willingness to serve our students in this capacity.

Adam Falk