Senior Administrative Appointments

To the Williams Community,

Those of you who are new to Williams may not know that one of the college’s distinguishing characteristics is the system by which the positions of dean of the faculty, dean of the college, and provost are filled by regular members of the faculty, who typically serve one or two three-year terms before returning to full-time teaching and research.

The current terms for two incumbents, Provost Will Dudley and Dean of the Faculty Peter Murphy, end this June.

Will has decided to serve a second term as he continues to develop the position that had been reconfigured when he began in it two years ago.

Peter has decided to return in July to his full-time faculty position, having given the college many years of service in a variety of administrative roles. Now eighteenth-century English literature and graphic storytelling can again receive the Peter Murphy attention that they deserve.

I’ll be consulting with the Faculty Steering Committee and others about possible successors for Peter, who, with Will, has in so many ways enhanced the experiences of all students, faculty, and staff.

Our deep thanks go to them both.

Adam Falk