The Board of Trustees has several standing committees whose leadership and membership is designated annually by the president and board chair. In addition to these standing committees, the board may from time to time convene ad hoc committees.

Executive Committee
Chair:  Liz Robinson ’90

With a few important exceptions (such as amending the college laws and removing the president or any trustee), the Executive Committee has the authority of the board in the intervals between board meetings. Any action the Executive Committee takes is reported at the next board meeting. The Executive Committee identifies and recommends to the board candidates to be considered for election as trustees. The Executive Committee makes recommendations on the president’s compensation and supervises the process for the nomination and selection of a president. The Executive Committee oversees the orientation of new trustees and reviews and recommends improvements relating to the performance of the board.

Committee on Nominations, Governance and Degrees
Chair: Sarah M. Underhill ’80 

The Committee on Trustees and Degrees supports the Executive Committee in assessing the composition and functions of the board (including its committee structure), in recommending candidates for nomination and election as members of the board, and in making recommendations to enhance the board’s effectiveness. The committee receives and considers all nominations for candidates for degrees and recommends to the trustees candidates it determines to have satisfied the requirements for attainment of degrees. It also reviews, considers, and nominates to the trustees candidates for honorary degrees.

Evaluation and Compensation Committee
Chair: Liz Robinson ’90

The Evaluation and Compensation Committee supports the Executive Committee in providing an annual performance evaluation of the president and a recommendation for presidential compensation.

Investment Committee
Chair:  Nathan K. Sleeper ’95

The Investment Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the trustees about the general policies governing the investment of the funds of the college. In consultation with the president, the Investment Committee supervises the investment and reinvestment of the funds of the college and has the authority to approve or to disapprove investments and the retention of investment managers and investment consultants, as recommended by the chief investment officer. The Investment Committee from time to time submits to the trustees matters related to general financial policy, and it may appoint subcommittees to serve in an advisory capacity to the Investment Committee and the chief investment officer. The chief investment officer has responsibility for management of the college’s investments, including the selection of investments, investment managers, and consultants, subject to the approval of the Investment Committee.

Committee on Faculty and Instruction
Chair: Gregory H. Woods ’91 

The Committee on Faculty and Instruction reviews and make recommendations to the trustees on three general areas: matters relating to the faculty of the college, to the instruction and academic advising of students, and to the curriculum. The committee also considers and reports to the trustees on all nominations by the president of faculty appointments and promotions.

Campus Planning and Construction Committee
Chair: William C. Foote ’73 

The Campus Planning and Construction Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the trustees on general policies governing the grounds, buildings, roads, and walkways of the college, including related construction, maintenance, repair, and insurance, as well as capital projects, designs for projects, and environmental sustainability and related policies.

Budget and Finance Committee
Chair:  Noriko Honda Chen ’89

The Budget and Finance Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the trustees on general policies governing budgets and financial planning, presents to the board an annual budget, and reviews and reports on changes to and variances from approved budgets. The committee makes recommendations on tuition and other charges, and it is responsible for recommending to the trustees debt financings, including bond offerings, by the college.

Committee on College Relations and Communications
Chair: Valerie A. DiFebo ’84 

The Committee on College Relations and Public Affairs reviews and makes recommendations to the trustees on the college’s fundraising and development programs, public affairs, government relations, community activities, philanthropic giving, communications and media activities, and alumni relations programs.

Committee on Student Experience
Chair: Gretchen E. Howard ’95

The Student Experience Committee has as its focus the full spectrum of student life beyond the curriculum and classroom. This includes not only aspects of student life, such as residential life and extra- and co-curricular activities and programs, but also those policies and practices that shape the student body, particularly diversity and inclusion, admission, and financial aid. The Committee receives reports from the Office of Admission and the Office of Financial Aid and makes recommendations to the trustees on admission and financial aid policies and practices.

Audit Committee
Chair:  Elizabeth A. Andersen ’87 

The Audit Committee recommends to the trustees annually the appointment of an independent auditing firm to examine the financial records of the college and certify those results. The committee confers at least once a year with a representative of the firm performing the audit and reports the results of that conference to the trustees.