It’s about taking every available opportunity to deepen our understanding of others in our community, rather than insisting on conformity to familiar ways of being that make us comfortable. Continue reading »

Update on Community Matters

The health of the college is interwoven in many ways with the health of our local community. The projects mentioned here represent only part of the college’s increasing involvement in the region, and we’re grateful for the important roles many faculty, staff, and students play in all of this work. Continue reading »

Defaced Poster in Paresky

To the Williams Community, We are appalled and saddened to report that earlier this evening a student reported to CSS that an “I Am Williams” poster of a recent Muslim graduate had been defaced in a violent manner, including with what appears to be a cross on his face. The… Continue reading »

Honorary Degree and Commencement Speaker Selection Process

Faculty and students already appointed and elected to the Committee on Degrees will continue in this new configuration. Elections will be held to flesh out the other student members (one senior, one junior, and three sophomores). Going forward, sophomores will serve for three years, to deepen their engagement and provide continuity. Continue reading »

Opening Day

None is more central to the heart of the college than Sawyer Library, which, after more than a decade of planning, design, and construction, is now fully functional (despite the bits of scaffolding here and there). Continue reading »

Save the Dates

Convocation will take on special significance as we award Bicentennial Medals to alumni whose achievements have been in fields related to the library and the associated Book Unbound initiative. Continue reading »

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